Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.
Albert Einstein Imagination is more important than knowledge.
For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world.
Albert Einstein

The magic is in YOU

Most ideas start with an observation. Ours was a simple one: the magic of screens taints our ability to evoke our imagination and too often turns us and our children into consumers rather than creators.
This is why we dreamed up a toy that nurtures imagination through implicit versus explicit play.

Imagination: The very word seems to sparkle with possibility, and brings to mind a childlike energy and spontaneity that most of us know we should try to attain more often, even if we don't always know how.
Imagination allows children to develop forces of creativity. A child with a good imagination is happier and more alert, better able to cope with life's twists and turns, and more likely to grow into a well-adjusted, secure adult.

We know that parents, should foster children's imaginations - but our busy lives often don't seem to have a place for creativity that isn't tied to productivity. Schools, too, don't know how to tackle the not-so-tangible subject. We are here to help.

We will inspire and nurture creativity through:


Telling stories.

The story takes us back to the archetype of all education, of all human relationships, in which the older generation passes on the wisdom to the next generation. Storytelling may well be the cornerstone of imaginative development, and doing it almost every day, even if it is only in brief moments will ensure your child is developing not only an imagination but also vocabulary.

Being tactile.

Perceptible experiences which can be touched and become interactive are important, and giving young children freedom to explore different tactile/haptic experiences is critical to developing a creative mind.

Using primal materials.

Keeping kids in touch with objects from nature inherently inspires their imagination. So, does play with open-ended toys such as blocks or sand, they have endless possibilities.

We will encourage active, not passive pursuits

Parents should keep children in particular from being overloaded by images from the media, whether it's television, movies, computers or smartphones. We have to leave kids with enough of an inner space to create their own pictures, their own vision.Think of imagination as a muscle: If it's not exercised, it will atrophy. When children engage in passive activities they are taking in other people's images and ideas instead of coming up with their own.

We will help nurture creative mind through:


Supporting sleep.

Support deep sleep as it helps boost your creative potential no matter of the age. There’s a natural need for neural networks in your body to go into a type of “maintenance mode”, in order to make repairs, clean-up any signals that just happen to be firing still, and – most important for creativity – consolidating memories.


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